Real Time Settlement

What is Real Time Settlement

Real Time Instant Settlement is an exciting new service brought about by the Faster Payments Initiative of the US Federal Reserve providing payments that are instant, final (irrevocable - "good funds") and secure. The Federal Reserve Banks provide the Fedwire Funds Service, a real-time gross settlement system that enables participants to initiate inter-bank funds transfer that are immediate, final, and irrevocable once processed. The Fedwire Funds Service is a credit transfer service. Participants originate funds transfers by instructing a Federal Reserve Bank to debit funds from its own account and credit funds to the account of another participant. Participants may originate funds transfers online, by initiating a secure electronic message, or off line, via telephone procedures.

About Real Time Settlement

The Fedwire Funds Service is a real-time, gross settlement system. Each transaction is processed individually and settled upon receipt via a highly secure electronic network. Settlement of funds is immediate, final and irrevocable. Today Payments is a leader in the evolution of immediate payments. We were years ahead of competitors recognizing the benefits of Same-Day ACH funding through Same-Day Direct Deposits (ACH Push) and Same-Day Direct Payments (ACH Pull). Our customers receive faster availability of funds on deposited items and instant notification of items presented for deposit all based on real-time activity. Dedicated to providing superior customer service and industry-leading technology. Our platform with its tools / widgets help organizations of all sizes reduce transaction costs, mitigate risk and increase efficiencies. Our system ensures proper Authentication, Authorization, Verification, Settlement, Notifications and Postings.

Our Real-Time Payment Platform

Today Payments

...continues to meet the challenge of our clients by offering cost effective "good funds", real-time, instant, credit card, ACH and e-check payment processing services into the electronic payment solutions banking system. Electronic banking includes the transfer of funds between companies (B2B) and/or (B2C) consumer accounts for collection and payments. Today Payments Gateway Merchant Services gives your company choices in the method of faster payments that you can accept from your customers.
We provide services, solutions and support for all ACH formats, ACH API's, XML ACH, ISO 20022 Messaging, OFX (Open Financial eXchange), PSD (Payment Services Directive). Our payment processing platform is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use.

Good Funds News

January 2017
- Zelle Business Payments Good Funds
February 2017
- The Clearing House "RTP" Real Time Payments
March 2017
- Business Real Time Payments
April 2017
- Businesses Will Switch Banks For Real-Time Payments
May 2017
- SWIFT: Cross-Border Payments
June 2017
- SWIFT: Instant Payments
- PSD - Payment Service Directive
October 2017
- ACH API (Application Program Interface)
January 2016
- Blue Chip Banks Opt for R3 Over SWIFT
February 2016
- Real Time Payment System in United States
March 2016
- Secure Exchange Launches Real-Time P2P Payments with Bank of America, U.S. Bank
May 2016
- Bluzelle Launches Real-Time P2P Payments
June 2016
- SWIFT SameDay Cross-Border ACH
July 2016
- "Remittance Coalition" accepts Good Funds Gateway
August 2016
- MasterCard & VISA join SecureExchange
- FiServ joins SecureExchange
- Visa Direct Real-time Network
- Zelle P2P Funds Transfer Network
- US Department of the Treasury Good Funds Wires
- clearXchange Becomes Zelle
October 2016
- Zelle Business Payments
- Zelle Pay
November 2016
- Zelling
- Real-Time ACH Payments
February 2014
- Federal Reserve System - Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks: Proposed Rule
January 2015
- Federal Reserve System - Strategies Improving US Payment System
March 2015
- The Road to Faster Payments: A Banker's Guide
May 2015
- NACHA Membership Approves Same-Day ACH
- MasterCard launches "MasterCard Send"
- Federal Reserve Board requests public comment on enhancements to same-day ACH service
- Real-time Good Funds Network
June 2015
clearXchange Debuts Real-Time Payments
July 2015
- Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) advocates for and supports Same Day ACH
- Faster Payments Strategy Leader
September 2015
- Fed Approves Enhancements to Same-Day ACH Service
- Federal Reserve Support of the NACHA Rule Ensures Same Day ACH Ubiquity
October 2015
- U.S. Banks Unite to Form Industry Leading Secure Real-Time Payments Network
November 2015
- Real-Time Deposit of Business Payment Transactions

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Process with the Real Time Settlement Professionals

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  • Automation of Accounts Receivable Collection with Same Day Settlement & Deposit
  • Automation of Accounts Payable Payments with Same Day Settlement & Deposit
  • One-Time & Recurring Debits & Credits with Same Day Settlement & Deposit

Each day, thousands of businesses around the country are turning their transactions into profit with real-time payment solutions like ours.

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